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Change the whole lamp, or modify the LED bulb?

Time: 2019-09-09

    For many car owners who are about to upgrade their lights, they may face such a problem, that is, to replace a whole lamp or only an LED bulb. Now the basic on the market is also these two ways of change. So today we'll discuss the differences.

    Replace the entire headlights including the lamp cover.

    Advantages: Beautiful! Pretty!  Pretty! Do not destroy the original lights, avoid aerosols and water concerns, if afraid of the annual review of trouble can also be installed back to the original.

    Disadvantages: the manufacturers of headlights do not necessarily guarantee quality, the quality of the bulbs and lenses inside the material is difficult to distinguish, some sub-factory lights after a long period of time will appear lamp shade discoloration, black cracking and other phenomena, especially ugly and affect lighting!

    The original lights were modified with LED bulbs.

    Advantages: according to personal preferences to choose their favorite brand, modification relative to the replacement of the entire headlight technology is more mature, relatively more secure quality, retain the original lamp cover do not worry about discoloration, and lighting effect than the assembly, after all, there are many large brand modifications can be selected; It's much cheaper than changing the whole headlights.

    Disadvantages: the modification time is relatively long, the process is relatively cumbersome, need to modify on the basis of the original lights, the need to modify the store has certain technical requirements for headlight sealing, can not be restored.