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Peugeot 4008 halogen headlights converted into LED bulbs

Peugeot 4008 halogen headlights converted into LED bulbs.

Honda Crider upgraded LED car light bulbs

Honda Crider upgraded LED car light bulbs, the upgraded lighting is more beautiful.

Buick GL8 upgraded LED headlight bulbs

Buick GL8 upgraded LED headlight bulbs,the lights are bright after the upgrade.

Mercedes-benz Vito headlamp modified LED light bulbs

Many people don't know why they have to modify LED car light bulbs.Improve the effect of headlight lighting, is a rigorous, urgent problem, more than a bright on a more peaceful! It is necessary to modify the headlights of a car....

Nissan Patrol has also been upgraded to an LED headlight bulb

Now more and more people are choosing to change their light bulbs to LED car bulbs.

LED car light bulbs make your car safer.

Why does LED car light bulbs make your car safer? Driving at night is a dangerous thing if you can't see the road. LED car bulbs are bright enough to illuminate the road and make night driving safer....

Nissan Qashqai replaced it with LED headlight bulb LED fog light bulb

The LED car bulb is very bright. No longer worried about driving at night.

Car lights retrofit upgrade--LED light bulbs are very popular.

It is often said that the eyes are the windows of the mind, for cars, the lights are the eyes of the car, bright eyes can let us more clearly receive image information. Good headlights improve driving safety at night and make driving easier and more comfortable at night....

Honda Civic upgraded to LED headlight bulb and LED daytime running light bulb

One of the reasons for the aging of car headlights is long-lasting, so the most direct way is to change the lights. But to change a lamp, the cost is relatively high. Replacing a car light bulb is a cost-effective solution.LED car bulbs are a great choice....

Choose xenon or LED lights when upgrading the lights?

If you compare the front of a car to a "face", the headlights are "eyes". The bulb ages as the time it takes to use it, causing the light to darken. In other words, if the lights are not changed in time, the chances of accidents occurring while driving at night will increase year by year. So when upgrading the lights, ...

The Porsche daytime running light bulb is upgraded to an LED daytime running light bulb

LED daylights are very penetrating and not dazzling, and it's safer to drive during the day.

Never regret replacing the original halogen bulb with LED car bulb

Never regret replacing the original halogen bulb with LED car bulb, after upgrading and updating to LED car bulbs, the lighting effect is better.

A perfect transformation of a car headlight for Toyota

You can never imagine that when you change the original halogen headlight of the car into LED bulb, it will become so beautiful.

Audi A4 headlights modified LED headlights

According to statistics, 60% of the traffic accidents at night driving because the lights are too dark, the lights are too scattered, poor visibility caused by, there are modelvehicles equipped with xenon lamp dual-light lens vehicles at night traffic accidents reduced by 48%, night driving lights bright, driving vision is not fatigue, can effectively relie...

Nissan Bluebird upgrades into LED headlights

After the car used for a long time, the lights become darker and darker, it is difficult to illuminate the road, so it is necessary to upgrade the lights to make the lights more bright....

Change the whole lamp, or modify the LED bulb?

For many car owners who are about to upgrade their lights, they may face such a problem, that is, to replace a whole lamp or only an LED bulb. Now the basic on the market is also these two ways of change. So today we'll discuss the differences....

LED Headlights Fog Lights Installation

How to Convert your Halogen Headlights and Fog Light to LED Bulbs?

What kind of lamp upgrade is in line with the annual review standard?

Many car owners have the pursuit of their car lights, the upgrade of the lights is inevitable. Although there are times also did not make major modifications, but you do these modifications may not be in line with national regulations, so how do we modify and upgrade the lights?...

VOLVO XC90 added LED Festoon lights

Volvo XC90 did not install the atmosphere lamp front interior lighting dim, no motion, no outstanding highlights, grade a little low, but installed the atmosphere lights, the atmosphere inside the colorful, increase the vitality of the atmosphere, instantly upgrade the interior grade....

Why does water get into the headlights?

With the popularity of modified lights, we found that water will enter the headlights, headlights will be foggy.


For further questions, please visit our Application Instructions and FAQ pages

  • Is reversing light part of mot?...

    The reverse light is not part of the MOT - but always worth checking. All tyres should be above the legal minimum tread of 1.6mm across three quarters of the tyre. ... Although a spare wheel is not a requirement for an MOT check - a 'space saver' spare fitted as a road wheel will not pass.

  • Change a Headlight Bulb in 4 Steps...

    Tools you need:

    Step 1: Locate the headlight holder. You'll access your headlight bulb through your engine compartment, rather than from the front of the car. ...

    Step 2: Remove the power wires. ...

    Step 4: Clean and install the new bulb. ...

    Extra: Replacing Tail Light Bulbs.

  • Are LED headlights legal in Austral...

    LED headlights.   However, there are also aftermarket LED conversions. We are not aware of any of these having been tested and certified as meeting Australian legal requirements. Without this certification they are not acceptable for on-road use.

  • Can you replace halogen bulbs with LE...

    Halogen light bulbs can be replaced for less than $30 per unit, but it can take 10 times that amount, and sometimes a lot more, if you need new LEDs. Of course, barring an accident, you may never have to replace your LED headlamps at all.

  • Are LED light bulbs bad?...

    LEDs do not contain mercury, lead or other toxic materials and are completely recyclable just like most other electronic devices. LED lights are as safe to the eyes as any other artificial light source.

  • Can I replace car bulbs with LED?...

    The bulbs that can be replaced by LEDs include side, fog, indicator, brake, tail, number plate and interior lights. These can all be upgraded without wiring changes. LEDs are only legal when used as interior bulbs or off-road.

  • What is an LED ‘switchback’ bulb?...

    An LED switchback(3030, PX, and EX series) bulb is like every other dual-filament LED bulb, but instead, support two filaments that have two different colors(Usually amber and white) for each filament rather than having the same color with two light intensities.  Our LED switchback bulbs will use white for the low intensity filament, and amber for turn signals. 

  • What is an error-free LED bulb?...

    An error free LED bulb is an LED lamp that is CAN bus-ready.  This means that the bulb is equipped with either resistors(3W-5W) to simulate a larger power draw, or have built-in decoders(LED headlights) to increase starting amperage both of which the vehicles computer system(CAN bus, BCM, etc.) should detect.  This will ensure that the computer system does not recognize the lamp is a fault or an open circuit due to the low power draw, and will prevent minor malfunctions such as a lamp out indicator and even other common malfunctions that a CAN bus or similar system may cause.