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Mercedes-benz Vito headlamp modified LED light bulbs

Time: 2019-11-01

    Many people don't know why they have to modify LED car light bulbs. The use of light is not equal to enough, enough is not equal to good use. LED car bulbs are modified because the original car bulbs are halogen lamp configurations. Halogen lights are really not very bright, and very yellow, visual effect is not good, driving at night is not safe. Car headlights are an important safety for our car drivers to drive at night. There are many accidents in the driving can not be avoided, but night driving accidents than daycollisions, it can be fatal, in high-speed crashes often occur, are due to rain and fog weather lighting poor. So how to improve driving safety? Improve the effect of headlight lighting, is a rigorous, urgent problem, more than a bright on a more peaceful! It is necessary to modify the headlights of a car.