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The development course of automobile lamp modification

Time: 2019-08-20

    From the point of view of night driving safety, there are more and more car owners stepping into the field of modification, the modification of xenon headlights is already commonplace, and for the conversion of the lens, many netizens expressed great interest, today we say a headlight lens modification.

    The advantages of installing lenses are very obvious, especially for some original halogen lamp models without lenses, modified xenon headlights due to changes in the position and shape of the bulb, the original factory lamp bowl has been unable to effectively make the xenon lamp light spotlight, light type scattering state, so that the driver can not see the road. According to the optical principle, the lens can shine light to the road surface at the most reasonable angle, solve the above problems, is the biggest advantage of the lens. As the technology matures and stabilizes, LED lenses are slowly circulating in the market.

    In addition to improving the performance of the car lighting system, most of the retrofitters also have their own personalized needs, many people will change the appearance kit for their models, color changes. But if these modifications are difficult to see in the dark, then some people will think of lighting also make personalized changes, so that people in the dark also see the special features of the vehicle.

    In addition to the more popular angel eyes, devil's eye modification in recent years, LED car light bulbs are also very popular. LED lamp has a large amount of light, small power consumption, durable and so on, and the most important thing is its small size, installation and decoration can have a great degree of freedom. Models such as Audi and Lexus are using LED technology in lighting main light sources, and many models will use LEDs to make daytime running lights, not only to improve the safety of vehicles but also very beautiful. LED car lighting installation locations are available in a variety of options to create different effects, which gives owners who love to adapt their appearance sit back a lot of free play space. For example, can be added to the front bumper or fog lamp position, as a daytime running light, can also be added to the bottom or top of the headlights, resulting in "eyeliner" decorative effect, style is very diverse.