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What kind of lamp upgrade is in line with the annual review standard?

Time: 2019-08-30

    Many car owners have the pursuit of their car lights, the upgrade of the lights is inevitable. Although there are times also did not make major modifications, but you do these modifications may not be in line with national regulations, so how do we modify and upgrade the lights?

    What kind of lights are in line with the annual audit needs?

1. Color temperature.

    When the vehicle lights are modified, the color temperature cannot exceed 6000K. Machine factory in the lamp detection, can only detect 6000K can be under any light source, once does not meet the test requirements of the machine, the detector will not detect. Undetectable lighting conditions can be greatly affected when detected, so we should pay extra attention to this.
    In the lighting modification, I also want to pay attention not to cause other impact on road traffic, so in the modification of the annual inspection requirements to carry out a certain understanding.


2. Brightness.

    The requirement son for low beam is not lower than 1200 lumens, after all, no one will change the lights to very dark, so in the light upgrade needs to consider the lighting degree. We often see some traffic, either the headlights yellow and dark, or the bright enough to open their eyes, no matter what the light, we all need to know that too dark and too bright is not appropriate. Halogen lights must be added with reflections, such lighting is more friendly to the night road, and the brightness will be more uniform.
    And the color of cold-toned headlights, such as xenon lamps, LED headlights in the brightness of the control should pay more attention to meet the standards of annual inspection.

3. Angel Eye and Demon Eye.

    Change the angel's eye, the devil's eye this kind of headlights certainly can not pass the annual inspection. And separately addED LED or xenon without a lens can not pass the annual inspection, in addition, the lamp is technical requirements, the technical decision of the conversion shop to modify the effect of lighting, so it is recommended that we choose a high-profile, experienced professional change shop for modification.