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Why does water get into the headlights?

Time: 2019-08-23

     Automotive headlight lenses can be divided into two types: single-light headlights, two-light headlights.

     Single-light headlights: is only one light, near-light, generally using halogen bulbs or xenon bulbs.

     Double-light headlights: through the lens inside the light-shielding, you can achieve the switch of far and near light! The blackout normal is closed to near light and is far-light when the blackout is open. The light bulb in the lens is not moving. The installation of a dual-light lens is also to achieve a xenon bulb to play the role of high-light and near-light. The simple way to identify is to see if the lens has a light-changing solenoid valve, there is a solenoid valve is a double light, otherwise it is single light.

     Lenses are generally composed of lenses, brackets, dimmed bodies and lamp cups.

     Accessories include snaps and light changes.


      With the popularity of modified lights, we found that water will enter the headlights, headlights will be foggy.

      The fogging in the lampshades is mostly caused by large temperature differences, which are most likely to occur in winter and rain-prone seasons. In this case, you do not have to worry too much, the lights after turning on for a period of time, fog will be with the hot air through the ventilation through the ventilation pipe out of the lamp, which basically will not damage the headlights and electrical circuits.

      And water into the headlights, refers to the formation of water in the headlights, the inner wall of the lamp cover is attached to large particles of water beads, in the short term can not dissipate on their own, this situation is a headlight sealing problem, is not normal. And many headlights into the water situation is due to the modification of headlight lens when the craft problem caused, and some irresponsible shop will be a variety of excuses to shirk responsibility, such as because of the xenon headlights low heat, the lens absorbs a certain amount of heat, so that the water vapor evaporation slow and so on excuses.

      In order to prevent fogging and water as much as possible, as the owner of our choice of a responsible and well-known good shop is obviously very necessary, the current domestic conversion headlights are very popular, many cities have more active in the local car club, before the conversion of headlights to find some more experience in retrofitting headlights car owners to take, Or find an experienced refit shop for installation through a dedicated retrofit light website. At present, the modification market and even auto parts market selling products can be said to be fish mixed beads, to fake good phenomenon is very common, especially the modification of headlights this more popular modification and upgrading projects, do not blindly consume, before the modification must weigh the advantages and disadvantages, as far as possible to maintain their rights and interests.